Hello everyone. I am an incredibly positive person and I typically never post things like this one. However, I want to share my shopping experience and warn everyone about Domio Sports and to avoid buying communications equipment from this company.
I place an order back in June for the Domio MotorPro Helmet Audio + Communication System after being bombarded with advertising on FB and Instagram. I paid $246 for the system. I was promised to get it during the first week of July and never got it. After several emails back and forward giving me excuses about COVID and delays I started investigating a little more and found hundreds of disgruntled costumers with the same problem as me. I found this article about the problem by Motorbikewriter and wish I would have read it before purchasing the unit. I opened a complaint at BBB hoping I could get the refund I requested a month ago. As of today, I am still fighting to get my money back. I already bought a Cardo system, and I am very happy with it.