A set of high-quality tires on your adventure bike allows you to travel further, safer, and in greater comfort. Whether you ride on city streets, tackle dirt trails, or hit the grit, you can be confident, that your machine will do the job, and you will never lose traction. Dual-sport motorcycles are usually come equipped with dual-purpose tires that are made with a certain “street-to-trail” ratio in mind. Some of the most renowned and trustworthy manufacturers offer a wide range of these tires featuring special tread patterns and construction.

Good tires must ensure great traction on- and off the roads. The ability to travel on highways, city streets, and rough terrain in comfort and safety make these tires a prime pick for adventure bike fans. We have picked some of the best tires available in our store known for delivering exceptional performance on dirt or gravel, offering maximum grip on the street, and ensuring high ride quality on any surface. Have you tried these tires? What are your thoughts?


Aggressive off road look
Sport touring and Enduro performance blended into one product
Increased mileage
Top level handling throughout the entire life
Improved wet performance
120/70ZR17 58W
130/80R17 65V
140/80R17 69V
150/70R17 69V
160/60ZR17 69W
170/60R17 72V
170/60ZR17 72W
180/55ZR17 73W
190/55ZR17 75W
100/90-18 56V
150/70R18 70V
100/90-19 57V
110/80R19 59V
120/70R19 60V
120/70ZR19 60W
90/90-21 54V


40% on-road and 60% off-road
Latest in Big-Block Technology
Superior on-road handling and mileage
Stable sidewalls for soft surfaces
DOT approved
M+S = Mud and Snow Rated
Expertly crafted from the highest grade materials
Set the standard for excellence in the tire industry
Unique, dependable, and functional
150/80B16 77H
130/80-17 65T
140/80-17 69Q
150/70B17 69Q
150/70R17 69R
170/60-R17 72H
120/90-18 65R
150/70B18 70Q
100/90-19 57S
110/80B19 59Q
110/80R19 59R
120/70-R19 60H
90/90-21 54T


130/80-17 65T
140/80-17 69T
150/70-17 69T
170/60R17 72V
140/80-18 70T
110/80-19 59V
120/70-19 60V
90/90-21 54V

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