BMW for Motorcycle Sport

There is no smoother ride for motorcycle enthusiasts than BMW, and there is some good news for sports enthusiasts too with some fantastic bikes lined up for 2021. Riding one of the new BMW M 1000 RR bikes on an open road in San Francisco, is about as exciting as winning a jackpot at a playstar casino site.

Bikers can take a break from long journeys by relaxing with some online casino games. Taking a break and playing some online poker or betting on motorsport races is a great way to unwind.

For new riders, there is no easier motorcycle to take out for a first ride down a quiet lane in the country. Not only does a BMW handle with the smoothness of a luxury vehicle, but it has enough horsepower to make Valentino Rossi smile. Germany is the force behind BMW, Bayerische Motoren Werke, and 1923 marks the date motorcycle manufacturing kicked off in this garage, five years before they built the first car.

The 180-degree twin boxer engine architecture is still used 100 years later and powers the GS line, bikes perfect for off-roading as well as having superb comfort on a highway. Other models powered by the same architecture are the sport-touring RTs and R-model roadsters, as well as the 2021 R18 cruiser with a pair of 901 cc cylinders adding up to 1802 cc. The latest BMW R 1250 RS and BMW M 1000 RR is already on display at BMW Motorcycle of San Francisco.

BMW upped their game in 2009 when it started working on a BMW sports bike that could win championships and introduced the S1000RR, a 999-cc superbike that won the 2010 Superstock championship. For buyers of these super machines, a line-up of sportbikes from BMW can determine their choice by price as it will be hard to choose one from the sleek styles of M 1000 RR, S 1000 RR, and R 1250 RS.