Motorcycle Clubs and Activities

There are many motorcycle clubs in the US, and for riders enjoying outdoor fun, here is a recommended site to have some weekend fun. Riders sometimes get together for online poker nights. Playing games together is a bonding experience. If some win a jackpot or two with slots or poker, even better. Motorcycles and maintenance are expensive, after all.

To become a member, riders must attend two General Member Meetings which is announced over a six-month period and make their desire to have membership clear.

The BMW Motorcycle Club of Northern California is nothing like the infamous biking gangs and more like a family of bikers that has been riding and camping since 1965. On the last weekend of each month, a long tour is organized. A road map with distance and destination plotted, with riders from far and near setting out on an epic journey on the date of the event.

Familiar destinations include Uncle Tom’s cabin, and members can see what is on the cards for tours in the regularly updated newsletters. These fun events include riding to new destinations, camping, poker events with cash prizes, and adventure.

For those who can’t have a membership, as they don’t own a BMW bike, trips like the Range of Light Gypsy Tour welcome all riders, members, or not, with bikes in any brand. Adventure bike owners can follow the GS routes for riders wanting to venture off the paved roads for more thrills. For newer riders, there are also shorter routes for easier riding. More information on ROL, is available on the website.

Joining Motorcycle clubs is a great way to meet new people and mingle while incorporating what bikers love most: riding! Being part of a motorcycle club is fun but riding en route with thousands of other bikes is epic.